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A collection of funny little webbased games (usually Flash)

Click on the thumbnail images to see large version, click on the name to go to the game's website

A laser tower game. Put your different types of laser towers along a serpentine to stop the attackers from getting through.
My personal record is at Level 211 (I stopped there, because it got boring), with no live lost and 220.403.176 cash :-)
Now I just play until Level 100 is over, and look how much cash I've got - 577.184 so far.
A cooking game. Not for the ones with a weak heart. You don't have to only cook a few meals with certain ingredients, but you also have to make sure, to not burn the sausages or patties, there are different drinks to serve, plus some customers try to run away without paying!
I made it through all the way without repeating a day :-) and my record is at 16.791 points.
This game here is a bit like Tetris, but still quite different. I like to play it, it's fun, and doesn't get boring after the 5th time. My record is at 263.280 points (Level 26).
A sushi game. Make sushi, and keep your customers happy while they wait. You can buy enhancements for your restaurant, like a better telephone, better knife, decorations.
You can only play 7 days, then it's over, with advertisement for the 'Pro' version that offers five more places, which I won't buy since the game is buggy (one can sometimes remove plates even though the people are still eating, and sometimes people appear and disappear immediately and I think one even gets money, without serving them).
My record is at 65.067.